Who are Sonsuel Shoes?

Me, Manuela Engel are a passionate dancer on the European folk dance scene since childhood. At a festival in 2008 I first came across Hungarian shoemakers building traditional shoes specifically for dancing. We had set out from Vienna with 7 people and 9 pairs of shoes. On the return journey three days later we were still 7 people but now 21 pairs of shoes.
We had been impressed and convinced by both the visual appearance and the quality of the workmanship.

We had been travelling to festivals across Europe for some years when, in May 2010 the trunk was packed and since then we have been underway across Europe with a collection of shoes and a small dancefloor on which to try them out.

Why “Sonsuel”?

Sonsuel is a wordplay on the French 'son' (sound) and 'sensuel' (sensual) and should refer to 'dance' as an expression of feeling music.